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What is Spear Phishing and how to Protect Yourself?

In this post, we will reveal what spear phishing is all about and how to protect yourself against it.

Spear phishing is an upgraded version of the old “phishing”, but a little more complicated, and of course effective.

The hackers are getting smarter and they understand you value your information. For that reason, they know they can’t just walk up to you and ask you for your username and password, – that won’t work!
What is Spear Phishing?

If you use any email service, you must have received a spam email promising lots of money and so on. That’s a type of phishing, but you didn’t fall for it, did you?

Since this type of phishing has a low success rate, cybercriminals researched and found a hotter type of phishing. They called it “spear-phishing”.

Spear phishing is a targeted form of phishing, which employs some form of social engineering to get the victims’ trust and subsequently hack into their information.

To launch an effective spear-phishing attempt, the hacker needs to know some details about the victim. These details are used for personalization in order to instill trust in the victim, thereby convincing him/her to release their information.

Spear phishing is so effective that it now accounts for 91% of all phishing attempts in the United States.

Looking at this fact, you may want to ask: “why is it so effective? “
How does Spear Phishing work?

Do you know how much information about you is on the internet? A lot!

Honestly, you’re helping the cybercriminals do their job.

Their goal is to pluck as much of your information as possible about you from the giant tree of the internet. Using the collected information, they prepare personalized messages based on your information.

As you may have been told, a phishing PayPal email won’t address you by your name, and may not look personal. However, if you open an email and your name is boldly displayed at the top of the mail, you sit back and relax, thinking it’s legitimate and from PayPal.

It’s very easy to fall prey to these attacks, as they’re not the typical phishing emails you’re used to receiving daily in your inbox. They are specifically targeted and unless you’re careful, you may never get to know it’s an attack until you are attacked.
How to Protect Yourself?

You may want to ask, how did the hacker know so much about me?

On the other hand, the hacker is unaware of your information, just like anyone else. However, we tend to submit ourselves over to hackers.

Think of social media. On Facebook, you can freely answer any question in Facebook answers, from your grandfather’s name to the name of your first pet. Your Facebook profile contains much information about you that the hacker needs not to worry about making research anymore.

Apps you connect to your Facebook sometimes do a great job of stealing your information. You must have completed one, things like; “what car will you buy in 2020?”

These kinds of Facebook gamers are inadvertently selling off their information in the name of fun.

If a hacker succeeds in collecting information from scores of people, the hacker designs emails to fit in with what everyone provided, – scam!

However, if you live in today’s world, it’s important to know the important ways to curb this issue.

Popular ways to protect yourself while online includes:
1. Limit your online information

It’s alarming at the rate at which people upload their details to the internet. Limiting the amount of information you put in the net makes it harder to spot you, and subsequently victimize you.
2. Use a Virtual Private Network

If you must share anything, make sure it is done over a VPN connection. A VPN (a virtual private network) encrypts your data while it’s being transported so hackers are unable to hijack the connection process.

For the very best experience, we recommend RitaVPN as our top pick. RitaVPN is a VPN service that makes your whole internet experience safe and secure, without compromising your information. RitaVPN is also an extremely cheap service, with plans starting from $5.42 monthly for the yearly subscription. This makes RitaVPN the best VPN service provider against spear phishing.

What’s more? RitaVPN can unblock websites with geographical restrictions. Moreover, this feature-packed VPN service is the best. Just make the VPN download and subscription at, and you’re great to go.
3. Be careful with emails

Almost all spear-phishing attacks are done using email. So, before you click on any link in that email, check and check again if it’s really from Netflix.

Is the email ending at (Or a corresponding email suffix)

Are there any typos or grammar errors?

Did the mail align with what you usually receive from the website?

If you can confidently answer these questions, then you should tell if an email is scam or legitimate.
4. Keep up with cybersecurity updates

Hackers and cyber crooks are devising new strategies to get illegitimate access to user information. Except you follow cybersecurity news, you may miss an update, and that may spell doom for digital privacy. Keeping up with the Cybersecurity blog on RitaVPN is a necessity for internet users.
5. Use two-factor authentication

This is an excellent way to prevent hackers from getting to your information even after providing a username and a password. All popular online services are integrating 2FA into their security plans and you have no excuse for not using it.

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Spear phishing is one of the dangerous cyber-attacks in this digital age. With a good VPN service provider like RitaVPN, two-factor authentication protected logins and knowledge of all cybersecurity trends; you’re never going to fall prey to any spear-phishing attack, not anymore.

The Essential Laws of Concrete Explained

Benefits Of The Polished Concrete

Most of the times, the polished concrete floor is the most common kind of a floor used by a huge number of people especially in areas like the hospitals and the schools. This comes as a result of the many benefits it brings to the users. Here we go through some of the given advantages it has when it comes to the flooring business.

First, when it comes to the amount of money required to install this floor it is very minimal compared to the rest. This will save the home owner from using chunks of money when flooring. It has been known to be the most durable kind of floor since it is hardly damaged by any form of spills on it. In that case then it is said to be safe when chemicals pour out unlike some flooring materials.

When a person decides to use it in their residential homes, it is ideal since it is very easy to clean and dries first. The floor does not keep dust and dirt in it which has been known to cause sicknesses to a number of people. There are a number of colors to choose from when it comes to this kind of flooring.
5 Takeaways That I Learned About Services

The maintenance costs are very minimal when it comes to this kind of floors and therefore it has been known to be very effective. The maintenance fee and all the costs incurred during installation are minimal. There are areas that have constant people coming in and out like a grocery store and therefore this works best to maintain it. It saves on time, effort and money which most people look for when it comes to the kind of flooring to use.
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All you need is a damp cloth to keep the concrete floor clean and shining. This kind of a floor is stain resistant when it comes to wax and other chemicals. It is the stain resistant property of this kind of a floor that makes it ideal to be used by many. With a polished concrete, the floor is able to breathe unlike other kinds of floors.

When it comes to light reflection, the polished floor is very good especially to areas like the banks and the hotels. In return a number of areas are saved the extra energy that could be used in lighting the rooms. The owners have a choice to make when it comes to either the glossy kind or the matte ones. This is the best kind of a shiny mirror like glow that people who cannot afford the granite floors opt for.

The Essential Laws of Experts Explained


When it comes to having their computers repaired, many customers are doubtful of the knowledge and skills of the repairman, or the shop itself; they treat it as if they will be buying a car, talking to a car salesman, or finding a car repairman for their very own car too. The repair industry is just like any other servicing industry available in the market, still, it is quite noticeable that customers tend to be distrustful of those people who work here and offer their repair services to clients.

Such attitudes and behaviors does have its origins because, there are numerous reports of horror experiences of clients who paid top dollar for substandard repairs, or those owners who found out that their computer was not properly fixed, and even those kinds of stories wherein, instead of getting the computer really fixed, the technician assigned only made the problem worse. So as much as possible, find a credible and reputed computer repair guy whom you will not think of replacing anytime soon.

If you are like most people, it would be safe to say that your laptop or computer unit is an important part of your personal life, and you cannot function the whole day without it whether at work, school or for your home tasks – you need your computer. So much so that when their computers crash or will not work properly, they would immediately look for a replacement or computer guy to fix it fast; their day will not be not complete at all if they are not able to work on their trusty unit.
Learning The Secrets About Services

In addition, in their desire to get their units fixed in a speedy manner, they would be willing to pay any price even if the stipulated amount is unreasonable already – just to get their beloved computer working again. Although, there are also those people who have the habit of changing technicians and repair guys whenever their laptop is faulty or starts acting strange, a habit that also needs to stop immediately.
Lessons Learned from Years with Repairs

If you want to find credible technicians who are known to provide nothing less than quality laptop repair services, make sure to ask around your town or do some research online. Resorting to scour the internet for credible computer shops and technicians will also give you good results, this is because almost – if not all – businesses make it a point to have their own website so their customers can find them easily, even computer repair companies are not spared from this marketing and promotional method.